Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation: The drive down :(

We began our 7 hour drive to Virginia at 2am Monday morning. We thought this would be a good idea because we wouldn't see much traffic and Jack would sleep alot of the way. We were wrong, it wasn't a good idea!
At 3am we had to detour because of an accident. It took us an hour to get 3 miles. Then, there was another accident around DC, along with lots of crazy drivers and about 40 miles from Williamsburg, Jason got a speeding ticket. Jack didn't do too bad, but I had to sit in the back seat most of the drive to entertain him but he definitely didn't sleep as much as we thought he would.
It was a rough time getting down there but Jason looked on the sunny side and pointed out that maybe we missed something worse by getting detoured out of the original way. I was impressed with the optimism he had after our 10+ hour drive!

Here is picture of Jack at a gas station in VA. He always cheers us up!

My little snuggle bear snoozing away while Jason signs his speeding ticket.

"Are we there yet?" is written across his face!

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