Friday, June 26, 2009


On the last day we went to Jamestown. I really liked it there. The building was beautiful and everything was really interesting.

Jack is playing with Nonnie in the hallway.

Taking a ride on Aunt Kate's shoulders.

Peeking out of a Powhattan hut.

Aboard a replica of one of the ships bringing the first Jamestown settlers.

Jack helped me do some laundry when we got home Thursday night. What a little sweetie!

The ride home was so much better!! We left around 2pm on Thursday and Jack slept almost the whole way to Altoona so we didn't stop. We found a way to avoid DC and it ended up being very relaxing and faster! We got home around 11pm (we had to stop at a Target when we had the chance!) and let Jack crawl around! He hadn't crawled all week (hotel room floors are gross) so I wondered if he would even remember. Boy did he! I think he is faster than ever!
It was a great trip and now I feel so much better about traveling with a little one! We are going to have to plan a few more big trips this summer!

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