Friday, June 26, 2009


On the last day we went to Jamestown. I really liked it there. The building was beautiful and everything was really interesting.

Jack is playing with Nonnie in the hallway.

Taking a ride on Aunt Kate's shoulders.

Peeking out of a Powhattan hut.

Aboard a replica of one of the ships bringing the first Jamestown settlers.

Jack helped me do some laundry when we got home Thursday night. What a little sweetie!

The ride home was so much better!! We left around 2pm on Thursday and Jack slept almost the whole way to Altoona so we didn't stop. We found a way to avoid DC and it ended up being very relaxing and faster! We got home around 11pm (we had to stop at a Target when we had the chance!) and let Jack crawl around! He hadn't crawled all week (hotel room floors are gross) so I wondered if he would even remember. Boy did he! I think he is faster than ever!
It was a great trip and now I feel so much better about traveling with a little one! We are going to have to plan a few more big trips this summer!

Busch Gardens

We went to Busch Gardens on Wedensday. It was great park, very friendly and very clean. My favorite part was a little cabin in the middle of the park that was specifically for changing diapers! It was super cool in the cabin and clean! Made changing so easy.
Jason's favorite part was "The Griffin". It was an insane roller coaster that had you stopped at the top of a drop for what seemed like a really long time and then whoosh! I was scared watching it! Jason and Katie went on it twice and in this picture they are in the very front row! I think they are the fourth and fifth from the end. The was almost no wait or the ride or any rides. The longest they had to wait was about 10 minutes!!
They are riders 3 and 4 in the this picture.

Jack got to ride on a train. He had lots of fun! He also got to ride on the riverboat but slept the whole time :)

Jack, meeting Bert and Ernie for the first time.

Nonnie is trying on all the different hats for Jack. He loved it!

Jason took Jack swimming in the hotel pool. It was his first time in a pool!

He really wanted out at first!
But then he started to have fun. He loved it when Jason would go under water and pop back up!


We spent the first two days walking around Williamsburg. It was a very busy place and much bigger than I had thought. It was pretty neat to see all of the buildings and fences and imagine what life was like.

Here is Jack in between a tree that had split into two different directions.
Jack and Grandpa standing out on the rocks at Yorktown.
Jack, in his beach outfit, walking in the sand early Tuesday morning.

Staying cool was a tough thing to do this week. It was so much hotter than we are used to. We used a wet rag to help keep Jack cooled off and out of the sun. I was surprised how much he liked it, he left it on for a long time.

Vacation: The drive down :(

We began our 7 hour drive to Virginia at 2am Monday morning. We thought this would be a good idea because we wouldn't see much traffic and Jack would sleep alot of the way. We were wrong, it wasn't a good idea!
At 3am we had to detour because of an accident. It took us an hour to get 3 miles. Then, there was another accident around DC, along with lots of crazy drivers and about 40 miles from Williamsburg, Jason got a speeding ticket. Jack didn't do too bad, but I had to sit in the back seat most of the drive to entertain him but he definitely didn't sleep as much as we thought he would.
It was a rough time getting down there but Jason looked on the sunny side and pointed out that maybe we missed something worse by getting detoured out of the original way. I was impressed with the optimism he had after our 10+ hour drive!

Here is picture of Jack at a gas station in VA. He always cheers us up!

My little snuggle bear snoozing away while Jason signs his speeding ticket.

"Are we there yet?" is written across his face!

Father's Day!

Jason liked his gifts from Jack and I. He tried his new knife sharpener out right away!

Jack is wearing Dada's hockey number on Father's Day.

Jack is helping Dada open his presents :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking so cute today!

Jack was looking extra cute today so I took a bunch of pictures! I did have a video of Jack playing to publish but it isn't working right now. I will keep trying.

I love this picture because it shows his adorable feets!

He is getting ready to take off!

I don't really like pictures of babies eating but he was looking so cute and when I made it black and white you could hardly tell he was messy!

Look at Jack using good manners already!