Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We went to my parent's house for Memorial Day. Grilled some food, sat outside, and played with Jack. It was a nice day :)

This is Jack and Nonnie swinging away. I wish we had one here, it would make nap time a snap!
Jason thought it would be cool to take a big jump off the little hill. He chickened out and came running down instead.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Erie or Bust, the end :)

We spent the next afternoon at Jason's mom's house. Jack got to play with his cousins Braeden and Tea. He loved watching Braeden do tricks on his scooter and being held by Tea!

Erie or Bust cont.

Stops two and three: Presque Isle and Uncle Johnny andAnnie's house.

Poor Jack was getting pretty tired so we drove around a little to lengthen the nap. When we got down to the beach we showed Jack the water and the rocks/sand. He was mesmerized by it all.

He was little Mr. Independent at Johnny and Annie's. He just crawled around, wandering out of the room, looking at everything. His favorites were the rug, the fringe on the ottoman and Johnny and Annie, of course!

Erie or Bust!

First stop: The Erie Zoo

Jack was way more interested in the the kids and excitement around than any of the animals.

Jack was giving the polar bears the stink eye. He was mad they wouldn't get in the water and swim around.

I am pretty sure riding on Daddy's shoulders was the highlight of the Zoo for Jack!

The Zebu was really interested in Jack. It kept coming closer and closer and just staring at him for the longest time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dinner with the family

This is Jack riding a buck! We only took one quick shot because we didn't want to get in trouble.

The beer was GIGANTIC!

Jack was helping Molly pick something good to eat!

The blue plaid duo! Don't they look adorable!?!
We had dinner with the family in Foxburg. It is really nice there, too bad the weather was kinda crumby. It was a long dinner and Jack did really well. Lots of people stopped to talk to him and complimented him on his hat :) He would have loved to have chowed down on some of the food (I don't blame him, it was delicious!).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Working on crawling

Jack started crawling on Wednesday! We have the first time on tape but I can only upload from my camera so I recorded this today. He is not up like he was on Wednesday but he still went pretty far. He will only crawl if he feels like he absolutely has to and would really prefer that we just pick him up. I am excited and nervous about when he actually decides he wants to get around on his own!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Perfect Pout

As you all know, Jack usually has his tongue out all the time! Well, instead of the tongue being out, he has started something new. I would say it is equally as cute as the tongue. He has started pouting his mouth and puffing his cheeks. It is a mystery why he does this but it is pretty funny!


Hello :) I thought it would be fun to create a blog about our little baby Jack. I will be posting pictures and giving updates on what fun new things Jack is into. Enjoy!