Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking so cute today!

Jack was looking extra cute today so I took a bunch of pictures! I did have a video of Jack playing to publish but it isn't working right now. I will keep trying.

I love this picture because it shows his adorable feets!

He is getting ready to take off!

I don't really like pictures of babies eating but he was looking so cute and when I made it black and white you could hardly tell he was messy!

Look at Jack using good manners already!


  1. Your son, Jack, is too cute! I just found your website today. All of your pictures are great! How old is Jack?

  2. P.S- He has VERY cute feet! I just love baby feet! My husband thinks I am crazy, because some of my favorite pictures of our daughter are ones that show her cute little baby feet!

  3. Thanks! He is 8 months old today. I agree, baby feet are the best!