Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun...

Have I posted this picture? I just love it, no problem with seeing it again!

Still the same 4 teeth he has had for months now...
Awww, seeeepy baby...

We are using all kinds of tricks to get him to walk to us! The "rattle in the mouth" is my favorite!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Bluebeard

We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning. I am not so sure it was the best idea. We will see after we give him a bath!

He loved them! He was yelling for more....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

9 Month Dr. Appt

Baby Jack had his appt. at the dr.'s this morning. He is 21lbs and 30 inches tall! He is growing so fast!

Here he is, still in newborn diapers just 9 months ago....

This picture is from the other day, in much bigger diapers...

At the Park

We took Jack to the park this evening. He had so much fun!

Here he is going down the slide...(just turn the volume down if all of our squealing gets annoying ;))

Here he is swinging...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another first

Well, it finally happened. Jack got his first big boo boo. It happened Sunday morning. He was crawling by the table and hit his mouth on the bottom of it. See my shoulder :( Poor baby. Jason took the picture (at 6am) to document it.

4th of July

Here is Jack and Uncle Johnny doing some bonding over some beers. How sweet. You can tell he really cares about Jack by the way he is craddling him so nicely and tipping the bottle just enough so that he doesn't choke on the beer. Awww ;)

Here is a little video of Jack's first time watching fireworks at his Grammy's house. It is just sparklers but he loved it. We went out the next day and bought more!

Stay Out!

So today I was doing some work on the computer and Jack was upstairs napping. I started to hear some moving around on the monitor but then nothing for awhile, and then ---- alot of strange noises, like banging and clicking. We have nothing in the crib but Jack's little blanket so I had no idea what could be making these noises. I decide to sneak of the stairs and peek at what going on. Here it is:


So Jack decided crawling is for babies, he is just going to do the stairs like everyone else - just watch!