Friday, June 26, 2009

Busch Gardens

We went to Busch Gardens on Wedensday. It was great park, very friendly and very clean. My favorite part was a little cabin in the middle of the park that was specifically for changing diapers! It was super cool in the cabin and clean! Made changing so easy.
Jason's favorite part was "The Griffin". It was an insane roller coaster that had you stopped at the top of a drop for what seemed like a really long time and then whoosh! I was scared watching it! Jason and Katie went on it twice and in this picture they are in the very front row! I think they are the fourth and fifth from the end. The was almost no wait or the ride or any rides. The longest they had to wait was about 10 minutes!!
They are riders 3 and 4 in the this picture.

Jack got to ride on a train. He had lots of fun! He also got to ride on the riverboat but slept the whole time :)

Jack, meeting Bert and Ernie for the first time.

Nonnie is trying on all the different hats for Jack. He loved it!

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